PayPal + eBay

PayPal and eBay are now re-united with even more peaks.
To announce the news, a bespoke campaign been created merging both brand identities.

The quirk of eBay and the seriousness of PayPal offering to their customers a brand new credit scheme.

This campaign was featured on PayPal owned channels and social media
(Facebook and Twitter).

The whole campaign lasted three months and was divided in four peaks:
• one soft launch mid October,
• one for Black Friday,
• one on the festive season and
• the last one for Blue Monday.


Treatment of the visuals for the campaign

Phase one
is putting the spotlight on the variety of objects a user can find on eBay.
The eBay DNA is present by using their image treatment and the PayPal side is represented by using their font and their brand colours.

Because this phase is the first one the textual side is quite prominent, the users needs to know what the offer is about and so this need to be fully explained.

The different banners are animated frame by frame.

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Phase two
is heavily focused on Black Friday and featured many outputs.
As a yearly key time for both brands, they needed to maximise the campaign during this specific moment.

The main piece to get right was the Facebook canvas which was the point of depart for the rest of this phase (on both the visual and the wording sides).

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The owned assets included different touchpoint like emails, website banners and purchase receipt.
Additionally some paid banners been created.

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Phase three
is there to remind the users they can still enrol to the credit offer when shopping their Christmas presents and not be broke at the end of the festive season… such a peace of mind when their loved-one will unwrap their pressies!

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Phase four
is echoing Blue Monday… okay some of your present sucks, okay the festive season is over, okay you are back at your desk… but… OMG! the credit offer is still available… great news innit!


Project delivered from Autumn 2017 to Winter 2018

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