Action Against Hunger


360 Operation created for Action Against Hunger.

The aim of this operation was to draw awareness to the food crisis in the Sahel region.

The starting point was this chilling fact:

This region is not that far away from Europe but no one is paying attention to it. People are suffering there but we are not thinking about them and this crisis has existed for far too many years.
Like car mirrors, here to warn about danger, we are not thinking about them as often as we should do.




The first phase of the campaign was on Twitter, the French influencers were asked to tweets about the campaign to raise awareness. All the #actionsahel were tracked and for each one sent, as twitter’ users you got the option to send a dedicated tweet to one or several influencers.
Following to this first stage, the press advert was released in some of the most read newspapers to spread the campaign.

The third stage of the campaign was digitally based with the release of the banners.

During the third stage of the campaign a ‘save the date’ been release.
The online banners changed to have as end frame the ‘save the date’.
The end of the campaign asked twitter user to tweet while using the #actionsahel during the European night of the Culture. All the tweets were tracked, and, all together they formed the child face present on all the adverts.
This child and the crisis are now visible and everyone is paying attention to it.


The reveal of the child face by the twitter’ users tweets.

Video of the live tweet… with sound

The end point of the campaign was the street operation who involved users’ direct confrontation with the campaign message. The idea, putting some fake mirrors, in the parisian Barlcay’s bike. While ridding their bike, users were watching, experiencing the campaign.


The campaign was showcased on french tv shows (similar to bbc breakfast or news) and on advertising related website (e.g.,

OTS 2,5millions
Tweets during the event +3,000
Tweets OTS +75,000
Press, Tv, Radio +60
3,500 bikes were customized

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