Mettle is a fintech from Natwest (Royal Bank of Scotland).
The aim of Mettle is to provide limited company -with up to two owners or sole trader with a balance less than £100k- an online account that will simplify their daily life.
On this account the user can send and receive payments, lock and unlock their card, create and send invoices, get monthly spending trends preview to anticipate their cashflow, categorise incoming payments and add receipts to transactions making end-to-year accounting much easier, have access the support team… all for free.

Mettle main aim for the launch campaign was to raise awareness about the product and offer.
The fintech industry is now cramped with a multitude of brands, but, all are focusing on their products, not the human behind… hence the fact all their advertising are interchangeables.
This is why for the launch we focused on the real beta-users and asked them how the product helped them. Each shot, film, been produced at the user’ working place to add even more authenticity to the campaign.
For the colour pink be chosen as an opposite to the blue-ish/green-ish colours all the competitors are using.


The beta-users shots

Bonus, the TV Ad

Kudos to Jay and the whole team for this one.

Project completed in Summer 2020

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