Samsung X Elle Magazine


Advertising created for Samsung for the launch of two new products, the Galaxy Note3 and the Gear their smartwatch.
This advertising was present inside the enhanced version of Elle Magazine for the Uk and South Korean markets.
The Keywords of the campaign were:
Smart, hightech, trendy, feminine


During the concept generation we knew different looks, different product’s colours and accessories should be showcased into the ad. Keeping in our mind the target audience is a fashionista always having fun and exploring trends we came with the idea of having a mix and match looks.
Our idea was to recreate the same enjoyment you can have as child while playing with a mix and match book.

First screen is explaining the ad and the second screen explain how to use de ad.
After those two screens the core experience start, the screen is divided in three parts, as user you can explore up to six look, create yours, share it on social media, click on the “+” to have looks tips or click on “get the look” to go next screen and have more informations about the products.

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