Leagas Delaney

What is the most difficult to do as an agency?

Getting a new website… I am pretty sure this is a difficult task… even more when the agency is having a long history, different offices and is continuing its digital transformation.

When I joined Leagas Delaney, re-designing their website was one of my first task.
Luckily from the starting point they knew they wanted the homepage to feature a large part of their identity.

After exploring different options I came up with The First Option with a showreal, a list of the most recent works, some capabilities, clients, staff and social content…

…but it wasn’t here yet.

So, regarding the agency’ feedback, I got The Second Option, more arty/edgy…

…maybe a little bit too much!

With help from a Senior Designer we worked together to The Third Option, having the same features as The First Option but into a different design…

…bingo! Leagas Delaney 2.0 is alive and still evolving.

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