Dom Juan

Love is in the air.
Well… maybe time to find The One with a little help.

This year Domino’s Pizza (UK and Ireland) worked hand in hand with Tinder to allow the lonely hearts to have a chat with Dom Juan (a first time branded chat-up bot on Tinder), to enjoy his tasty lines, to manage to have a date… or at last some lol, some epic pizza gifs and some domino’s discounts.

Dom Juan is a mischief person with different face expressions…

… he was there because Cupid wasn’t feeling well…

… and was present on Instagram.
(beware… this video feature some of Dom Juan favourite music)


Example of the gifs created to make the Tinder discussion a little bit more cheesy!

This campaign was promoted across Tinder, emails, push notifications, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and on Domino’s website.

This project been showcased in a uk specialised online publication here and received an award from a panel of advertising peps.
Thanks VCCP Kin for the fun on this project.

Project delivered in Winter 2018