Beazley – Risk Rider Game


Online game for the insurance company Beazley, as every Christmas their gift to subscriber is the release of an online game on their website.

The subject of the game past year was:

“Avoid Risks”



Everyone is dreaming about a Christmas in the mountains but going back home with a snowmotor can be dangerous. While playing the users will have to avoid diverse risks and collect some bonus items. The further they go, the less they can see and the faster they drive. In the same time the music is played with a faster BPM, so more mistakes can be made. If the score is high, this player will be featured on the Leaderboard.

The game was released on a desktop version of browsers, on a mini-budget and with a mini-deadline. Those are the reasons why the game was developed using Flash.

For the Art Direction the flat design has been chosen for the following points:
– flexibility,
– have a contemporary look and feel,
– be quick to create and
– to not drive Flash crazy.


Project made in collaboration with a Senior designer.

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